By using our service, you agree to follow our policies

We have zero tolerance against verified abuse reports

Prohibited Usage

Our servers cannot be used for anything that is deemed illegal by the law. This includes:

Carrying DDOS/ brute force attacks

Running/ hosting any botnet related commands and control servers

IP spoofing

Port scanning (Zmap included)

Sending unsolicited emails or malware distribution ( Email abuse, spam included )

Hosting phishing websites

Contact us if you have any questions/ or queries about the content that you wish to host with bitvps cloud. If any of your services are found to be breaking the above terms, they will be terminated.


It is allowed to do torrenting with our servers. However, please take note that there is monthly bandwidth in place to prevent possible hogging/abusive usage. It is suggested to put a speed limit on your torrent client.

Email Ports

In order to prevent any possible abuse, the mailing ports (25,465) are blocked by default. BitcoinVPS does not accept mass mailings. Distributing, publishing, sending, or facilitating the sending of unsolicited commercial advertising and informational announcements, as well as mass e-mails or other messages, promotions, or advertising (spam) is strictly prohibited.

Additionally, you must adhere to the acceptable use policies of third parties. Hetzner Terms and Conditions

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