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Privacy Policy

To protect your privacy, we only require an email address and a password when you sign up, do not restrict temporary mailboxes, and only accept cryptocurrency payments.

It has become commonplace to track users, whether they are on a single site or across the internet, and we use Google Analytics to accomplish this. It's impossible to identify a specific user using the data stored by Google Analytics. BUT it's smart not to believe anything anyone says.

Several companies have lied about their data collection and sharing practices.

How long do we store data?

The below data is stored for 3 years in the event of an account audit: (3 year countdown timer starts from when you no longer have any active services and have opted to close your account)

Email Address

Transactions (ID's, amounts, timestamps)

Actions carried out on the control panel (

Email logs

Ticket attachments

Tickets and replies

Abuse Reports

We may use any information we collect from you in one of the following ways:

In order to enhance your experience. (Your information enables us to better respond to your specific requirements.)

To make our website better. (We endeavor to constantly enhance our website offerings based on the information and comments we receive from you.)

To enhance client service. (Your information allows us to respond to your customer service and support inquiries more effectively.)

To send out regular emails. (Order processing emails, updates, and renewal notifications may be sent to the email address entered during order processing.)

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We believe in privacy and freedom of speech, and we want to make sure that our users can enjoy both.

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